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This quest is designed to teach you how to work with AWS services for Deployment and Management.



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使用CloudFormation创建Amazon Virtual Private Cloud(VPC)

本实验展示如何实验CloudFormation来创建亚马逊Virtual Private Cloud(VPC)。注意:本实验更像是一个分步骤展示,而非学习如何创建它。你将查看AWS CloudFormation模版,并了解到模版内每一部分的解释。你将运行该模版来创建一个包含4个子网,跨越2个可用区,包含一个NAT服务器的VPC(NAT服务器允许在私有子网的服务器访问互联网来下载软件包和更新)

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Auditing Your Security with AWS Trusted Advisor

This lab demonstrates the steps to audit your AWS resources with Trusted Advisor to ensure your configuration complies with basic security best practices. The topics covered will also include working with security groups, multifactor authentication (MFA), and AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM).

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Working with AWS OpsWorks

This lab helps you learn how to use the basic features of AWS OpsWorks, an application management service offered by AWS, to deploy a Ruby photo sharing application. This lab will show you how to use layers (instance blueprints that define the resources and software configuration for common technologies such as Ruby) to create new Amazon EC2 instances; deploy and update applications from common source repositories; use lifecycle events to automate tasks; scale the application using Elastic Load Balancing and time or load-based instance scaling; monitor instance metrics; and manage user permissions.

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使用 AWS Elastic Beanstalk

本实验室课程将演示如何使用 AWS Elastic Beanstalk 来部署简单的 Rails 应用程序。在本实验室课程中,您将部署说明您的概念或想法以及允许要订阅的观众在应用程序启动时收到通知的应用程序。本实验室课程将涉及使用带 Amazon RDS 数据库的 AWS Elastic Beanstalk 来存储订阅用户电子邮件地址的知识。

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Launching and Managing a Web Application with AWS CloudFormation

This lab covers how to use AWS CloudFormation to provision a web application with a number of supporting AWS products and services, including Auto Scaling Groups, Amazon EC2 Instances, Elastic Load Balancers, Amazon RDS databases, and more. It also covers how to use AWS CloudFormation to manage infrastructure, resize databases and reconfigure Auto Scaling Groups.

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