Digital Media

5 Labs · 48 Credits · 3h 4m

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This quest is designed to teach you how to work with AWS services to build and scale digital media applications on the cloud.

Caching Static Files with Amazon CloudFront

This lab demonstrates how to start distributing your web content with Amazon CloudFront by taking a simple static website in Amazon S3 and integrating it with Amazon CloudFront to deliver your website content from AWS edge locations. The majority of this lab will focus on creating an Amazon CloudFront distribution with the AWS Management Console, and then adapting the existing web pages to use Amazon CloudFront.

Icon  advanced advanced 10 积分 30 Minutes

Streaming Dynamic Content using Amazon CloudFront

This lab demonstrates how to use Amazon CloudFront to deliver a dynamic, multiple bit-rate media stream to a connected device using Apple’s HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) protocol. The stream can also be played on any browser which supports the HLS protocol. In this lab, you also use Amazon Elastic Transcoder to convert a source video into multiple bit-rate files that will be delivered using CloudFront.

Icon  advanced advanced 10 积分 50 Minutes

Building Search into your Applications with Amazon CloudSearch

This lab will demonstrate the basics of search engines and Amazon CloudSerach. It will cover how to create a search domain, how to configure it, how to upload data, how to build queries, and how to tune your ranking. You will explore the features of the AWS Management Console and learn how easy it is to get started with Amazon CloudSearch.

Icon  advanced advanced 10 积分 32 Minutes

构建媒体分享网站 – 第 1 部分:媒体上传

本实验将演示如何部署图片分享网站,该网站提供 Web 界面供用户浏览和存储图片。该网站用 Ruby on Rails 开发,并使用 Amazon S3 进行存储、将 Amazon DynamoDB 用作数据库并使用 Amazon EC2 来托管 Web 应用程序。

Icon  advanced advanced 10 积分 25 Minutes

Automated Video Editing with YOU as the Star!

Learn how to auto-detect faces with Amazon Rekognition and automatically create a new video with Amazon Elastic Transcoder.

Icon  fundamental fundamental 8 积分 30 Minutes