AWS云端的Big Data

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This quest is designed to teach you how to work with AWS services to perform big data analytics on the cloud.

使用 Amazon Redshift

本实验演示了如何使用 Amazon RedShift 来创建集群、加载数据、运行查询以及监控性能。注意:在本实验中,学员需要下载免费的 SQL 客户端。

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[:zh] 使用Amazon EMR分析Ngrams

[:zh] 本实验演示如何运行Amazon Elastic MapReduce(EMR)集群进行大数据分析,并使用Hive以类似SQL查询的方式来分析数据。你将使用Amazon EMR创建一个小的Hadoop集群,对存储在S3上的数据运行交互式的Hive查询。你将使用Hive来把数据规范化处理,创建有意义的数据表并保存在S3上,便于在集群上运行其他作业。

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Analyze Big Data with Hadoop

In this lab, you will deploy a fully functional Hadoop cluster, ready to analyze log data in just a few minutes. You will start by launching an Amazon EMR cluster and then use a HiveQL script to process sample log data stored in an Amazon S3 bucket. HiveQL is a SQL-like scripting language for data warehousing and analysis. You can then use a similar setup to analyze your own log files.

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Advanced Amazon Redshift: Table Layout and Schema Design

In this lab, you will take a close look at different types of table layout and schema design. You will create tables using various methods for data compression and distribution, and analyze which methods work best, including incorporating Amazon Redshift recommendations. You will conclude the lab by building five different versions of the same table, and analyzing how the differences impact storage requirements and query performance. Pre-requisites: To successfully complete this lab, you should be familiar with Redshift concepts by taking the "Introduction to Amazon Redshift" and "Working with Amazon Redshift" labs at Knowledge of SQL programming is required, although full solution code is provided.

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Advanced Amazon Redshift: Data Loading

In this lab, you will experiment with and compare different types of data loading using Amazon Redshift. You will create tables, load data using S3, remote hosts, and practice troubleshooting data loading errors. For the lab to function as written, please DO NOT change the auto assigned region.

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