Websites and Web Applications

Fundamental · 9 ラボ · 55 クレジット · 9時 10分

Use Case (Intermediate) Websites webapps

When it comes to hosting websites and web applications, you want a framework that’s robust, fast, and secure. By choosing the Google Cloud Platform, you will have all of those needs covered. In this fundamental-level quest, you will get hands-on practice with GCPs key infrastructure and computing services for the web. From deploying your first web app, to integrating Cloud SQL with Ruby on Rails, to mapping the NYC subway system on App Engine, you will learn all the skills needed to harness GCPs web hosting power.

App Engine: Qwik Start - Ruby

This hands-on lab shows you how to create a small App Engine application that displays a short message. Watch the short video Build Apps at Scale with Google App Engine.

Icon  intro introductory 1クレジット 20 分

Setting up a Minecraft Server on Google Compute Engine

In this lab, you'll learn how to install, configure, and run a standard Minecraft server on Google Compute Engine. You will also learn basic customization of the server and scheduling backups.

Icon  fundamental fundamental 5クレジット 1 時間

Speaking with a Webpage - Streaming Speech Transcripts

In this lab you'll take audio from the client's microphone and stream it to a Java servlet. The Java servlet passes the data to the Cloud Speech API, which then streams transcriptions back to the servlet.

Icon  fundamental fundamental 5クレジット 50 分

Using Ruby on Rails with Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL

In this lab, you'll learn how to deploy a new Ruby on Rails application using Google Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL to Google App Engine Flexible environment.

Icon  advanced advanced 7クレジット 1 時間

Deploy Refinery CMS to App Engine Flexible Environment

In this lab, you will learn how to deploy Refinery CMS to the Google App Engine flexible environment. You will also get hands-on practice with Google Cloud Shell and Google Cloud SDK.

Icon  advanced advanced 7クレジット 2 時間

Web App to Perform Real-time Data Analysis with Kubernetes, Redis, and BigQuery

In this lab, you'll perform real-time data analysis of Twitter data using a pipeline built on Google Compute Engine, Kubernetes, Redis, and BigQuery.

Icon  advanced advanced 7クレジット 1 時間

Google Maps Web Services Proxy for Mobile Applications

In this lab, you'll build a Google App Engine proxy for the Google Places API web service.

Icon  advanced advanced 7クレジット 45 分

Mapping the NYC Subway

In this lab, you’ll build a store locator web application for the NYC (New York City) Subway Station data set.

Icon  expert expert 9クレジット 1 時間

Using Apigee for API Management

In this lab you’ll build an Apigee API service which will consume backend services running on Google Cloud Platform.

Icon  advanced advanced 7クレジット 1 時間 15 分