Deployment Manager

7 Labs · 37 Credits · 7h 10m

Service Area Deployment manager

Creating a Virtual Machine

In this hands-on lab, you’ll learn how to create a Google Compute Engine virtual machine and understand zones, regions, and machine types.

Icon  intro introductory 1 Credit 30 Minutes

Deployment Manager for Appserver

Deployment Manager for Appserver

Icon  advanced advanced 7 Credits 50 Minutes

Deployment Manager - Package and Deploy

In this lab you will develop an advanced Deployment Manager template using JINJA and YAML. You will learn how to install and run a Python application on an instance through Deployment Manager.

Icon  advanced advanced 1 Credit 2 Hours 30 Minutes

HTTP Load Balancer

In this lab you will learn how to set up an HTTP global load balancer and how load balancing can help scale your applications on Google Compute Engine.

Icon  advanced advanced 7 Credits 45 Minutes

Deployment Manager: Adding Load Balancing

In this lab you will package and deploy a more advanced load balancing and autoscaling version of the Echo service. The infrastructure that Deployment Manager templates will create places Echo

Icon  advanced advanced 7 Credits 50 Minutes

Deployment Manager - Full Production

In this lab you will launch a service using Deployment Manager, and monitor it using Stackdriver. You will set up basic black box monitoring with Stackdriver Dashboard and establish uptime check alert notification to trigger incident response.

Icon  expert expert 9 Credits 1 Hour

Monitoring Cloud Infrastructure with Stackdriver

In this hands-on lab we take a look through some of the information provided by the Stackdriver Monitoring tools, and teach some of the concepts you will need to know to take advantage of Stackdriver Monitoring effectively.

Icon  fundamental fundamental 5 Credits 45 Minutes