Kubernetes in the Google Cloud

8 Labs · 54 Credits · 7h 55m

Service Area (Advanced) Kubernetes

In this Quest, students will get hands-on experience from introductory Docker tools through using Kubernetes to manage application packaging and launch, through sophisticated Continuous Delivery deployment management scenarios.

Introduction to Docker

In this lab you will familiarize yourself with the basic Docker container environment commands. You will create, run, and debug containers, and learn to pull and push images to and from Google Container Registry.

Icon  intro introductory 1 积分 40 Minutes

Hello Node Kubernetes

In this hands-on lab, you'll learn how to turn your code into a replicated application running on Kubernetes. You'll create a Node.js app, create a Docker container from it, deploy it to Kubernetes Engine, and scale it up.

Icon  advanced advanced 7 积分 1 Hour

Orchestrating the Cloud with Kubernetes

In this lab you will learn how to: Provision a complete Kubernetes cluster using Google Container Engine; Deploy and manage Docker containers using kubectl; and Break an application into microservices using Kubernetes’ Deployments and Services.

Icon  expert expert 9 积分 1 Hour 15 Minutes

Managing Deployments Using Kubernetes Engine

Dev Ops best practices make use of multiple deployments to manage application deployment scenarios. This lab provides practice in scaling and managing containers to accomplish common scenarios where multiple heterogeneous deployments are used.

Icon  advanced advanced 7 积分 1 Hour

Continuous Delivery with Jenkins in Kubernetes Engine

In this lab you will deploy and completely configure a continuous delivery pipeline using Jenkins running on Kubernetes Engine and go through the dev - deploy process.

Icon  expert expert 9 积分 1 Hour 20 Minutes

Running a MongoDB Database in Kubernetes with StatefulSets

Containers are becoming a popular way to run and scale applications across multiple cloud providers or on both cloud and on-premise hardware. This lab provides a quick introduction to running a MongoDB database on Kubernetes Engine using Docker.

Icon  advanced advanced 7 积分 50 Minutes

Build a Slack Bot with Node.js on Kubernetes

In this lab, you'll learn how to build and run a Slack Bot with Google Cloud Platform. It uses Kubernetes Engine, a hosted version of Kubernetes.

Icon  advanced advanced 7 积分 1 Hour

Helm Package Manager

Helm is a toolset for managing Kubernetes packages, called Charts, containing pre-configured Kubernetes resources. In this lab you will practice installing the Helm server and client, installing mysql via a chart, and testing the installed mysql app.

Icon  advanced advanced 7 积分 50 Minutes