SysOps Administrator - Associate

10 Labs · 78 Credits · 6h 12m

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This quest is designed to help you get hands-on practice with several key services which are addressed in the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate exam blueprint. Practice fundamental and advanced concepts for working with AWS IAM, Amazon EC2, Amazon EBS, Amazon RDS, Amazon VPC, Auto Scaling, AWS CLI, and AWS CloudFormation

Introduction to AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)

This lab shows you how to manage access and permissions to your AWS services using AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM). Practice the steps to add users to groups, manage passwords, log in with IAM-created users, and see the effects of IAM policies on access to specific services.

For the lab to function as written, please DO NOT change the auto assigned region.

Icon  intro introductory 免费 25 Minutes

Introduction to Amazon EC2

This lab provides you with a basic overview of launching, resizing, managing, and monitoring an Amazon EC2 instance. Please DO NOT change the auto assigned region.

Icon  intro introductory 1 积分 30 Minutes

Bundling Amazon EBS-Backed AMIs

In this lab you will use the AWS Management Console to bundle custom Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS)–backed Amazon Machine Images (AMIs). You will learn how to map additional Amazon EBS and/or ephemeral volumes in your AMI. Lastly you will look at some security best practices to create AMIs that are suitable for public sharing.

Icon  fundamental fundamental 8 积分 30 Minutes

Working with Elastic Load Balancing

This lab introduces the concept of Elastic Load Balancing (ELB). In this lab you will use ELB to load balance a set of web servers in an Availability Zone. You will launch a pair of Amazon EC2 instances, bootstrap them to install web servers and content, and then access the instances independently using Amazon EC2 DNS records. Next, you will set up ELB, add your instances to the ELB, and then access the ELB DNS record to watch your requests load balance between servers. Finally, you will look at ELB metrics in CloudWatch. To successfully complete this lab, you should be familiar with the AWS Management Console.

Icon  fundamental Fundamental 8 积分 30 Minutes

Using Amazon RDS for Applications

This lab will show you how to launch a Drupal Open Souce Content Management System (CMS) with Amazon Relational Database (Amazon RDS) for MySQL as the backend database with a multi-Availability Zone (AZ) deployment.

Icon  advanced advanced 10 积分 45 Minutes

对 AWS 环境执行基本审核

本实验将逐步指导您对核心 AWS 资源执行基本审核。您将使用 AWS 管理控制台来了解如何对多项 AWS 服务、Amazon EC2、Amazon VPC、Amazon IAM、Amazon 安全组、AWS CloudTrail 和 Amazon CloudWatch 的使用情况进行审核。本实验将帮助您了解如何对与 AWS 中的组织监管、资产配置、逻辑访问控制、操作系统、数据库和应用程序安全配置相关的现有审核目标进行扩展。掌握本实验中的技能有助于实现可见性、可测试性和审核证据自动收集能力。

Icon  fundamental fundamental 8 积分 30 Minutes

Automating AWS Services with Scripting and the AWS CLI

 This lab demonstrates how to access and manage AWS services in three ways: through the AWS Management Console, the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI), and the AWS Software Development Kit (SDK). You will use one or more of these three options to access Amazon S3, Amazon EBS, Amazon EC2 and Amazon CloudWatch.

Icon  advanced advanced 10 积分 32 Minutes

Launching and Managing a Web Application with AWS CloudFormation

This lab covers how to use AWS CloudFormation to provision a web application with a number of supporting AWS products and services, including Auto Scaling Groups, Amazon EC2 Instances, Elastic Load Balancers, and more. It also covers how to use AWS CloudFormation to manage infrastructure and reconfigure Auto Scaling Groups.

Icon  expert expert 15 积分 50 Minutes

Building Your First Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

This lab demonstrates how to build an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) which contains private and public subnets, routing tables, and a NAT server to allow private subnets to access the Internet.

Icon  fundamental Fundamental 8 积分 30 Minutes

Maintaining High Availability with Auto Scaling (for Linux)

This lab introduces the basics of Auto Scaling, highlighting multiple Auto Scaling use cases and the command-line tools used for Auto Scaling configuration. After completing this lab you will have configured and tested an elastic web farm which automatically scales capacity to accommodate load. In addition you will have explored a steady state use case in which Auto Scaling is used to maintain high availability of critical resources.

Icon  advanced advanced 10 积分 50 Minutes