Solutions Architect - Professional

4 Labs · 36 Credits · 3h 3m

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This quest is designed to help you get hands-on practice with several key services which are addressed in the AWS Certified Solutions Architect –Professional exam blueprint.

Working with AWS Elastic Beanstalk

This lab demonstrates how to use AWS Elastic Beanstalk to deploy a simple Ruby on Rails application. In this lab, you will deploy an application that will describe your concept or idea and allow viewers to subscribe to be notified upon launch. The lab will cover using AWS Elastic Beanstalk with an Amazon RDS database to store subscriber email addresses.

Icon  fundamental fundamental 8 Credits 40 Minutes

Working with Amazon CloudFront for Dynamic Content Acceleration

This lab demonstrates how to start distributing a dynamic website using Amazon CloudFronts global network of edge locations. You will run a dynamic forum website using BitNami phpBB in Amazon EC2. Then you will create a CloudFront web distribution to deliver and receive your static and dynamic content from AWS edge locations. The majority of this lab will focus on creating a CloudFront distribution with the AWS Management Console, and then will examine the features of CloudFront that enable different types of dynamic content to be accelerated to the end user.

Icon  advanced advanced 10 Credits 1 Hour

Hosting WordPress Using Amazon S3

This lab demonstrates how to host a Wordpress blog using Amazon S3. In order to successfully complete this exercise, you should be familiar with basic website concepts. This lab will cover creating and partially managing a WordPress blog on AWS; using the AWS Management Console; and creating and manipulating an Amazon S3 static website.

Icon  fundamental fundamental 8 Credits 45 Minutes

Building a Media Sharing Website - Part 1: Media Upload

This lab will demonstrate how to deploy a photo sharing website with a web interface for users to browse and store images. The application, written in Ruby on Rails, will use Amazon S3 for storage, Amazon DynamoDB for the database, and Amazon EC2 to host the web application.

Icon  advanced advanced 10 Credits 25 Minutes