Solutions Architect - Associate

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This quest is designed to help you get hands-on practice with several key services which are addressed in the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate exam blueprint. Practice fundamental and advanced concepts for working with Amazon EC2, Amazon CloudFront, Amazon EBS, AWS IAM, and Amazon VPC

AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) 简介

本实验向您展示了如何使用 AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) 来管理对 AWS 服务的访问和权限。练习以下步骤:向组中添加用户、管理密码、以 IAM 创建的用户身份登录和查看 IAM 策略对访问特定服务的影响。

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使用 Elastic Load Balancing

本实验室课程介绍了 Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) 的概念。在此实验室课程中,您将使用 ELB 负载均衡一个可用区中的一组 Web 服务器。您将启动一对 Amazon EC2 实例,引导它们安装 Web 服务器和内容,然后使用 Amazon EC2 DNS 记录独立访问实例。接下来,您将设置 ELB、将您的实例添加到 ELB 中,然后访问 ELB DNS 记录以观察您的请求在服务器之间的负载均衡情况。最后,您将在 CloudWatch 中看到 ELB 指标。

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使用Amazon Elastic Block Store(EBS)

本实验专注在亚马逊Elastic Block Store(EBS),Amazon EC2实例的关键存储技术。在本实验中,你将创建EBS卷,挂载到实例,应用文件系统并进行快照备份。

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Introduction to Amazon EC2

This lab provides you with a basic overview of launching, resizing, managing, and monitoring an Amazon EC2 instance. Please DO NOT change the auto assigned region.

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Caching Static Files with Amazon CloudFront

This lab demonstrates how to start distributing your web content with Amazon CloudFront by taking a simple static website in Amazon S3 and integrating it with Amazon CloudFront to deliver your website content from AWS edge locations. The majority of this lab will focus on creating an Amazon CloudFront distribution with the AWS Management Console, and then adapting the existing web pages to use Amazon CloudFront.

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使用CloudFormation创建Amazon Virtual Private Cloud(VPC)

本实验展示如何实验CloudFormation来创建亚马逊Virtual Private Cloud(VPC)。注意:本实验更像是一个分步骤展示,而非学习如何创建它。你将查看AWS CloudFormation模版,并了解到模版内每一部分的解释。你将运行该模版来创建一个包含4个子网,跨越2个可用区,包含一个NAT服务器的VPC(NAT服务器允许在私有子网的服务器访问互联网来下载软件包和更新)

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[:zh] 创建你的第一个Amazon Virtual Private Cloud(VPC)

[:zh] 本实验演示如何创建一个Amazon Virtual Private Cloud(VPC),其中包含了创建私有和公有子网,路由表,和NAT服务器来允许私有子网的实例访问互联网。

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