This lab demonstrates how to install a Java EE application into JBoss Wildfly, running in a custom Docker Container and then deploy your container to AWS Elastic Beanstalk.
Lab Details
Tokens Required: 10 Tokens
Levels: Advanced
Duration: 00 h:40 m
Access Time: 01 h:55 m
Setup Time: 00 h:04 m
Tags: Java, JBoss, docker, Beanstalk, SPL49,  EC2, app, git, wildfly, Auto Scaling, container, elb
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  1. Bryan Hilderbrand

    Bryan Hilderbrand Reviewed about 9 hours ago
  2. sai sri harsha gudladona

    sai sri harsha gudladona Reviewed about 20 hours ago
  3. Prashant Shah
    Lab is great. But I am really missing the chalkboarding session that explains what's being achieved.
    Prashant Shah Reviewed 1 day ago
  4. Scott Lovell
    Great start
    Scott Lovell Reviewed 1 day ago
  5. Allison Bryant
    This is one of your best labs :)
    Allison Bryant Reviewed 2 days ago