In this lab, you will learn how to create a code repository in AWS CodeCommit. Then you create a local repository using git on a Linux instance running in EC2, add files to it, and commit changes to the AWS CodeCommit repository. Prior to running this lab, it is assumed the student understands the principles of source code repositories, and has some prior development experience. Students should be comfortable with making ssh connections to instances running in Amazon EC2, and using Linux commands and editors from the command line in Linux. The student should have taken at a minimum Introduction to Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) prior to taking this lab.
Lab Details
Tokens Required: 8 Tokens
Levels: Fundamental
Duration: 00 h:40 m
Access Time: 00 h:57 m
Setup Time: 00 h:01 m
Tags: devops, codecommit, spl33, repository, developer, code, git, cli, clone, commit
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    Pretty simple but easy to follow.
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