This lab demonstrates how to build an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) which contains private and public subnets, routing tables, and a NAT server to allow private subnets to access the Internet.
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Tokens Required: 8 Tokens
Levels: Fundamental
Duration: 00 h:27 m
Access Time: 01 h:55 m
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Tags: vpc, spl13, Windows, virtual private cloud, networking, subnets, internet gateway, routing
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  1. Jason Darrow
    Good experience to work with the console. I cannot deny that for this lab. However, Step 82 and 83 turned out not to work for me. I ended up going back to the SQL Server Security Group. I added back the RDP inbound rule to it with a range of That allowed me to connect to the SQL Server from the Bastion server. I was not able to get the connect working without that setting.
    Jason Darrow Reviewed 4 minutes ago
  2. Baskaran A
    Baskaran A Reviewed about 1 hour ago
  3. sundararajan narasiman

    sundararajan narasiman Reviewed about 2 hours ago
  4. Senthilkumar Narendran

    Senthilkumar Narendran Reviewed about 3 hours ago
  5. Jason Soto
    Jason Soto Reviewed about 7 hours ago