This lab extends Building a Media Sharing Website - Part 1: Media Upload to add support for uploading videos. While it is recommended that you go through Part 1 first, it is not required in order to take Part 2. For the videos to be streamed, the files must be transformed into a common 'streamable' format. The transcoding will be performed asynchronously by using the AWS Elastic Transcoder service.
Lab Details
Tokens Required: 10 Tokens
Levels: advanced
Duration: 00 h:47 m
Access Time: 01 h:55 m
Setup Time: 00 h:00 m
Tags: transcoder, streaming,  transcoding, video, dynamodb, spl12, ruby, rails,  webserver, cloudfront, s3
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Reviews 585

  1. John Hanley
    This lab failed on the EC2 instance on User Data. One of the installs failed due to dependencies.
    John Hanley Reviewed 2 months ago
  2. David Reisfeld

    David Reisfeld Reviewed 2 months ago
  3. sai sri harsha gudladona
    Instructions at step 65 are wrong, The server would not start up clean with the given user data.
    sai sri harsha gudladona Reviewed 2 months ago
  4. Naga Jalli

    Naga Jalli Reviewed 2 months ago
  5. David Oyanadel
    I was not able to test, because the Public DNS would refused the connection. I looked at the security settings, and they were those that the tutorial required. What is missing?
    David Oyanadel Reviewed 2 months ago