Introduction to AWS CodeDeploy

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Levels: introductory
Duration: 00 h:40 m
Access Time: 00 h:55 m
Setup Time: 00 h:03 m
Tags: codedeploy, spl82, devops, Introduction, qlintro
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Reviews 1915

  1. Matt Lurz

    Matt Lurz Reviewed 20 days ago
  2. Scott Mohr
    Instructions are out of date. CloudFormation stack creation failed.
    Scott Mohr Reviewed 20 days ago
  3. Vincent Yin
    I wish it had explained the structure of the app bundle, the hooks -- especially the relationship between appspec.yml and the corresponding "./scripts/*" files.
    Vincent Yin Reviewed 20 days ago
  4. Alex Burrell

    Alex Burrell Reviewed 23 days ago
  5. Julien Hochgenug

    Julien Hochgenug Reviewed 23 days ago