This lab shows you how to manage access and permissions to your AWS services using AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM). Practice the steps to add users to groups, manage passwords, log in with IAM-created users, and see the effects of IAM policies on access to specific services.
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Tokens Required: 1 Token
Levels: introductory
Duration: 00 h:25 m
Access Time: 00 h:45 m
Setup Time: 00 h:01 m
Tags: roles, policies, users, permissions, security, passwords, groups, spl66, Introduction, iam, access control, ec2, s3, qlintro
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  1. baskaran durairaj
    not able to proceed till the end due sign out notice when i try to use the test user
    baskaran durairaj Reviewed 9 minutes ago
  2. Andrey Trotchenko

    Andrey Trotchenko Reviewed 34 minutes ago
  3. Mukesh Pandey

    Mukesh Pandey Reviewed about 2 hours ago
  4. 井須 洋平

    井須 洋平 Reviewed about 3 hours ago
  5. arai takehiro
    Good LAB
    arai takehiro Reviewed about 3 hours ago