Working with Amazon ElastiCache for Redis

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42 Reviews

Alexandru Ionita

redis-cli shell is not working/mysql database is not opening connection

Alexandru I. · Reviewed 1 day ago

Mark Courtade

Good lab, not enough time

Mark C. · Reviewed 3 days ago

Du Shibing

Du S. · Reviewed 8 days ago

Jyotsna Nayak

Jyotsna N. · Reviewed 14 days ago

Oliver Mathias

Oliver M. · Reviewed 16 days ago

John Hanley

John H. · Reviewed 16 days ago

Xing Tang

Xing T. · Reviewed about 1 month ago

Jonathan Emberton

Jonathan E. · Reviewed about 1 month ago

Boris Cortes

Boris C. · Reviewed about 2 months ago

Brett Fieber

Brett F. · Reviewed 2 months ago

Tuomas Järvensivu

There was extra whitespace characters in the when setting the min_lat parameter from row[6]

Tuomas J. · Reviewed 2 months ago

Tatsumi Katsutoshi

Tatsumi K. · Reviewed 2 months ago

Adam Westrich

Pretty good. Would be great to explain what the REDIS code is doing

Adam W. · Reviewed 3 months ago

James Bazov


James B. · Reviewed 3 months ago

Bright Zhao

Bright Z. · Reviewed 3 months ago

Donald Manning

Donald M. · Reviewed 3 months ago

Mark Stanislawek

Mark S. · Reviewed 3 months ago

Peter Nemeth

Peter N. · Reviewed 3 months ago

James Beswick

James B. · Reviewed 3 months ago

Jiyang Kang

Jiyang K. · Reviewed 3 months ago

Garrett Cutler

Where's the redis node name? I created it twice and no node endpoint.

Garrett C. · Reviewed 4 months ago

Khoi Thinh

Khoi T. · Reviewed 4 months ago

Radford Shiozaki

Radford S. · Reviewed 4 months ago

Jeroen de Miranda

Jeroen d. · Reviewed 4 months ago

Steve Brown

Steve B. · Reviewed 5 months ago