Working with AWS CodeCommit on Windows

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Like the the functionality. VS Code commit option worked, but the git commands threw an error.As a regular AWS user I like this feature though. It's a great addition

David W. · Reviewed fast 2 Jahre ago


JEFFREY M. · Reviewed fast 2 Jahre ago


Geoff G. · Reviewed fast 2 Jahre ago


Lab keeps on terminating abruptly: Lab failed on Fri, 04 Mar 2016 12:53:04 PM EST: CloudFormation_stack returned nil, [Rollback or Create failed] Any credits or access code you used to start this lab have been refunded.

Aditya A. · Reviewed fast 2 Jahre ago


the key pair was not available in the connection info panel...I had to interrupt the lab mid way and now, I will retry. Hope it works

Adekola A. · Reviewed fast 2 Jahre ago