Using AWS Lambda with Amazon CloudWatch and SNS to Implement a Slack Chat Bot

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Jared Smith

Jared S. · Reviewed about 16 hours ago

Dane Lindell

Dane L. · Reviewed 2 days ago

Dane Lindell

Scoring did not work.

Dane L. · Reviewed 2 days ago

James Farmer

James F. · Reviewed 2 days ago

Stan Malachowski

The internal metric counter for student progress stays on 0/4. So, if I leave something out, it's not possible to correct. The lab is great, but I hate this feature. You have obliged me to repeat this lab for the most trivial deviation. Sometimes I may want to deviate - it's called learning. With this 'big brother' monitor, I am not too scared to stray off the path. If you keep obliging me to repeat, I will quit my subscription.

Stan M. · Reviewed 3 days ago

moulay ibrahimi

moulay i. · Reviewed 4 days ago

Dane Lindell

Dane L. · Reviewed 4 days ago

qwikLABS publisher

qwikLABS p. · Reviewed 4 days ago

Justin Hauer

Justin H. · Reviewed 5 days ago

Stan Malachowski

Stan M. · Reviewed 5 days ago

Marios Zenios

Marios Z. · Reviewed 5 days ago

Alfons Futterer

Alfons F. · Reviewed 5 days ago

Mel Schwan

Mel S. · Reviewed 6 days ago

Denis Fuenzalida

There's a minor typo on step #83, the instructions miss the subdomain which is meant to be filled by the user based on his Slack configuration

Denis F. · Reviewed 7 days ago

Tim Ruehle

The lab covered the overall integration, however, some of the stated goals were not covered including the web hook encryption.

Tim R. · Reviewed 7 days ago

camille frejaville

camille f. · Reviewed 7 days ago

Mike Charles


Mike C. · Reviewed 7 days ago

Ulrich Pech

Ulrich P. · Reviewed 7 days ago

Saheem Siddiqi

Saheem S. · Reviewed 8 days ago

Fernando A Cancel III

Fernando A C. · Reviewed 8 days ago

Greg Shay

Greg S. · Reviewed 8 days ago

Heinrich Havemann

Heinrich H. · Reviewed 8 days ago

Vikas Hosamani

Vikas H. · Reviewed 8 days ago

S Viswanathan

S V. · Reviewed 10 days ago

Sergey Porokhin

Sergey P. · Reviewed 10 days ago