Launching Microsoft HPC Pack on AWS

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Haibin Peng

Got auth fail at step52, lauch 4* m4.large instance got denied.

Haibin P. · Reviewed about 2 months ago

James Beswick

James B. · Reviewed 2 months ago

Santiago Freitas

When tried to download the RDP connection details, got an error about DNS. Then from bastion host could not connect to head-node, password failed.

Santiago F. · Reviewed 2 months ago

Garrett Cutler

Can't download the RDP file, keep getting bad dns name, so I can't even get started on the lab!

Garrett C. · Reviewed 3 months ago

Igor Karbovsky

Igor K. · Reviewed 8 months ago

Michał Krowiarz

Michał K. · Reviewed 8 months ago

Marcelo Lafaille

Marcelo L. · Reviewed 8 months ago

Leon Clark

Leon C. · Reviewed 8 months ago

Pedro Rodrigues Manso Junior

Pedro Rodrigues M. · Reviewed 8 months ago

Taiyi Lin

Taiyi L. · Reviewed 8 months ago

Yuval Schwabe

Yuval S. · Reviewed 8 months ago

Christophe Cubat

Head Node not log in

Christophe C. · Reviewed 8 months ago

Manfredas Salvys

Manfredas S. · Reviewed 9 months ago

Cristian Galán

We don't have permission for m4.large instances

Cristian G. · Reviewed 9 months ago

Paweł Przybyś

Paweł P. · Reviewed 9 months ago

Ricardo Triana

Failed launching 4 nodes due to insufficient permissions

Ricardo T. · Reviewed 9 months ago

MOHAN BABU karampudi

MOHAN BABU k. · Reviewed 9 months ago

Arthur Novak

Arthur N. · Reviewed 9 months ago

Sebastien Menant

Lab currently breaking at step 25 on page 15 for me. I raised a support case.

Sebastien M. · Reviewed 9 months ago

Shawn Xu

Time is not enough.

Shawn X. · Reviewed 10 months ago

Jon Cotter

Couldn't even get started. Documentation is missing some key elements for non-windows users

Jon C. · Reviewed 10 months ago

Prakash Palanisamy

Prakash P. · Reviewed 10 months ago

Younghwan Namkoong

Younghwan N. · Reviewed 10 months ago