Installing Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 on AWS: Getting Started

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Amarender Pasham

Amarender P. · Reviewed 15 days ago

Stevan Stefanovic

Stevan S. · Reviewed 18 days ago

Omar Sanchez Lira

Omar S. · Reviewed 28 days ago

julio calderon

missing steps.. or steps out of order.. where needs to clarify NOT to install Dynamics before configuring SQL... also.. my lap Hung during Dynamics final config.. I killed the reporting service causing the Dynamics finals steps to fail.. then I restared reporting to kick retry again on Dynamics finally completing... This install takes too much memory, you should concider increasing memory for this lab to run smoothly

julio c. · Reviewed about 1 month ago

Freddy Salas

Freddy S. · Reviewed about 1 month ago

Kamalesh Chaudhary

Kamalesh C. · Reviewed about 2 months ago

Stephen Allen HOLT

Good challenge! Great review of Enterprise Software Configuration!

Stephen Allen H. · Reviewed about 2 months ago

Haibin Peng

Could not found "Report Manager URL" in left-side navifation bar described in Step98, seems new option name change to "Web Portal URL" in current version. (SQL Server 2016 Reporting Services Configuration Manager) Step103 says "....if the result of the query is the same..., then skip step97-99....", these steps sequence numbers seems mess up.

Haibin P. · Reviewed 2 months ago

John Meredith

Interesting Lab!

John M. · Reviewed 2 months ago

James Beswick

James B. · Reviewed 3 months ago

Xiang Cheng

Xiang C. · Reviewed 3 months ago

Andre Labuschagne

Andre L. · Reviewed 3 months ago

Nicholas Ansell

Nicholas A. · Reviewed 3 months ago

Garrett Cutler

Garrett C. · Reviewed 3 months ago

彪 赵

彪 赵. · Reviewed 3 months ago

Daniel Huesch

Daniel H. · Reviewed 4 months ago

Ilya Epshteyn

Ilya E. · Reviewed 4 months ago

Romain Ecarnot

Romain E. · Reviewed 4 months ago

Tom Hubbard

Had trouble getting past step 58. Loggin was fine the first time, but after it restarted and I logged in at step 58, it kept saying y password was wrong.

Tom H. · Reviewed 4 months ago

Brandon Gray

Brandon G. · Reviewed 4 months ago

Nick Adair

Nick A. · Reviewed 4 months ago

Ivan  Tchoubenko

Ivan T. · Reviewed 4 months ago

Ernst Muellner

Ernst M. · Reviewed 5 months ago

Sohamn Chatterjee

Sohamn C. · Reviewed 5 months ago

Nigel Leaney

Nigel L. · Reviewed 5 months ago