Building a Media Sharing Website - Part 1: Media Upload

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Nice lab. Give's a decent intro into how S3, Dynamo, and CloudFormation. You get a lot more from it if you carefully read the scripts provided and poke around a bit in the AWS Management Console more than they suggest.

Robert M. · Reviewed about 3 years ago


fun stuff

Geoff B. · Reviewed about 3 years ago


Guilherme S. · Reviewed about 3 years ago


I had different expectations. This was simple about creating a new instance, an S3 bucket and and dynamoDB table ... the rest was done for me ... I was hoping to learn HOW to interact with those, not simply run a completely configured instance that does all of it.

Alon S. · Reviewed about 3 years ago


There's some good information here. It would be helpful if the instructions/description were available after the lab was over for review. Much of the "magic" of putting the uploaded user content into S3/DynamoDB is hidden. Setting up the AWS services is fairly straight-forward, but the challenge is how to then use those services smoothly,. More interaction with the code that's doing that would be good. It would also be very useful to know how to have less than fully public content in S3 (uploaded user content that's not universally viewable).

Brian C. · Reviewed about 3 years ago


Karl Johan A. · Reviewed about 3 years ago


Slightly ambiguous instructions. e.g. the section using CFN indicates you should enter specific names for the buckets and table rather than the ones you created earlier. Also references a KeyPair you haven't used in the lab beforehand. No mention of waiting for ELB healthchecks to complete/succeed before trying to browse to application.

James S. · Reviewed about 3 years ago


Why is this lab not active? I am interested in doing it!

André T. · Reviewed about 3 years ago


Good, useful lab.

Mani C. · Reviewed over 3 years ago


Sid O. · Reviewed over 3 years ago


Enzo A. · Reviewed over 3 years ago


I got a 500 Internal Server error at step 76.

Ralph v. · Reviewed over 3 years ago


does not work 100% with a region in europe

Clément D. · Reviewed over 3 years ago


Micro instance had errors when uploading images and after finally managing to upload 1 file, the S3 URL didn't seem to work. Default URL was . Hand to append the region name to get it to work: I had to manually change the template and application files which didn't get propagated into the CloudFormation stack so the final product managed to upload things properly but couldn't display the images. There should be FAQ or possible problems for possible problems.

Tim L. · Reviewed over 3 years ago


Payam P. · Reviewed over 3 years ago


ketan p. · Reviewed over 3 years ago