Programming Amazon S3 with .NET

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petcu barbu

petcu b. · Reviewed 1 day ago

Simon Bolder

Simon B. · Reviewed 17 days ago

Johan Rensenbrink

Johan R. · Reviewed 26 days ago

Michael Chinn

Some of the material is a little oudated and I needed to install an update to the ASWSDK for VS 2017. It would also be nice if there were more resources to help reproduce this in other settings.

Michael C. · Reviewed 28 days ago

long cheng

long c. · Reviewed about 1 month ago

Arvind Joshi

At point 50, Explorer >> AWS was not present in the menu. Studio opened in ver 2017 ( not 2015).

Arvind J. · Reviewed about 1 month ago

Craig Rutfield

Needs to be updated for VS 2017.... prompts and security was different than for 2015. Never saw AWS explorer, but application worked fine.

Craig R. · Reviewed about 1 month ago

prashant ragade

prashant r. · Reviewed about 2 months ago

Anthony Taylor

Needs updating for VS 2017

Anthony T. · Reviewed 2 months ago

S Viswanathan

S V. · Reviewed 2 months ago

Graham Kilmon

had trouble downloading vs 2015 community, defaulted to downloading vs2017 community; aws sdk wasn't ready for 2017; maybe distribute vs community on ami?

Graham K. · Reviewed 3 months ago

Hailin Li

Hailin L. · Reviewed 3 months ago

Kwassi Omer Fulgence Degboe

Kwassi Omer Fulgence D. · Reviewed 3 months ago

Karthick SJ

Karthick S. · Reviewed 3 months ago

Mike Eizensmits

Mike E. · Reviewed 4 months ago

James Beswick

James B. · Reviewed 4 months ago

Chuck Snow

Glad to see that I was able to complete the lab in less than 70m. But, Step 86 "Copy each of the remaining methods and paste them into the relevant methods in AWSManager.cs: has an error. There is no method "UploadingFilesTransferUtility" but rather there is a "UploadFilesTransferUtility" And this method is already complete.

Chuck S. · Reviewed 4 months ago

彪 赵

彪 赵. · Reviewed 4 months ago

Garrett Cutler

Good up until the end with the low-level API part.

Garrett C. · Reviewed 5 months ago

michael brown


michael b. · Reviewed 5 months ago

Mathew Selleck

Mathew S. · Reviewed 5 months ago

Kevin Clements

Very similar to the prior lab.

Kevin C. · Reviewed 5 months ago

Romain Ecarnot

Romain E. · Reviewed 5 months ago

Chun Lung Yu

Chun Lung Y. · Reviewed 5 months ago

Thriveni K

Thriveni K. · Reviewed 5 months ago