Building Your First Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

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Chirag G. · Reviewed 20 days ago


Unable to complete as EC2 instance creation failed ...

Timo S. · Reviewed 20 days ago


Jason d. · Reviewed 20 days ago


Free tier cannot complete this exercise as AMIs are not available and certain functionalities cannot be accessed. Description for Routing is confusing and the UI in AWS does not match the description in the text of this exercise. There are redundant steps (once mentioning a wizard for subnets and once "manual" even though the steps are identical. The IP addresses of subnets are also wrong which leads to errors in AWS that might surprise beginners.

Patrick M. · Reviewed 20 days ago



Khaled M. · Reviewed 20 days ago


Tony C. · Reviewed 20 days ago


Xavier E. · Reviewed 20 days ago


This lab seems to refactored as it is showing that you are creating two web serves when in fact the first web server is supposed to be the NAT gateway server. Then it also appears that its asking to create another VPC. Very confusing.

Eric W. · Reviewed 20 days ago


I tried carefully following the instructions as precisely as I could, several times. But I found the instructions confusing, and kept getting errors. I kept getting permission errors when launching instances. I kept trying to debug what was wrong, and was lucky to chance on the fact that using a t2.micro instance worked (instructions state that a ts.nano should be used). I'm not sure if this is actually the correct thing to do here. Step numbers are all over the place. And perhaps headers too. I thought the steps appeared to be numbered in a tree hierarchy, but not displayed as such in my browser, which makes it very confusing to follow. So I see nested steps in a flat order, eg. something like 1,2,3,1,2,4,5,etc. I find it confusing enough that I'm not even sure all steps are present or in the correct order, "Task 8..." Step 10 -11 was particularly confusing to me: 10. Click Review and Launch 11. In the Navigation menu on the left, click Route Tables 12. Click Start VPC Wizard After 10, should there be further instructions to finalise launching the instance? For 11, I had to first navigate from the EC2 service page to the VPC service page. For 12, I had to again navigate to the VPC service page. The Start VPC Wizard wasn't listed on the Route Tables page I had navigated too (I may not have been on the intended page) Creation of VPC through Wizard kept failing, reporting "An error has occurred. Rolling back.". I was a bit lost here anyway (I wasn't sure why we were creating a new VPC and subnets through the wizard when we had already created some manually earlier on).

James L. · Reviewed 20 days ago


Hit an error

Farhan F. · Reviewed 20 days ago


lab is messing up

Anthony W. · Reviewed 20 days ago


I had multiple errors that prevented me completing the lab.

James H. · Reviewed 20 days ago


anuj t. · Reviewed 21 days ago


Owen B. · Reviewed 21 days ago


I paid credit but the content was not working.

福田 麻. · Reviewed 21 days ago


good one

JULIUS C. · Reviewed 21 days ago


David C. · Reviewed 21 days ago


The lab asked me to use a non-free SQL server on my free AWS account, possibly incurring charges to my credit card. And this is after i paid for credits to even take the damn lab. Not too happy about that, so i ended the lab early. Would love to know what the heck that is all about and if qwiklab is supposed to use my free AWS to do non-free stuff. feel free to contact me at to explain.

ryan h. · Reviewed 21 days ago


now working under company VPN

Sang Jun Y. · Reviewed 21 days ago


Ken C. · Reviewed 21 days ago


Benjamin Y. · Reviewed 21 days ago


Matthew R. · Reviewed 21 days ago


Benjamin Y. · Reviewed 21 days ago


Shawn M. · Reviewed 21 days ago


Not very

John S. · Reviewed 21 days ago